Insect pests are gross, they are crawling disease spreaders that lurk in our homes. The best way to naturally get rid of them is to do lots of cleaning and organizing. Garbage and trash attract pests so wash the dishes right away and take out the trash regularly. Aside from regular general cleaning, you can get your hands on a new product called BOYSEN BUG OFF, an anti-insect paint that can help you safely get rid of harmful insects.

BOYSEN BUG OFF with Artilin® Anti-Insect Technology is a water-based, low-VOC paint that is guaranteed safe to human beings and pets but lethal to harmful insects like houseflies, cockroaches and mosquitoes. It can kill insects crawling on the ceilings and walls inside or outside your home. BOYSEN BUG OFF gives your home an added protection against disease-causing pests at least two years after its application.

Like most BOYSEN paint products, BOYSEN BUG OFF is non-toxic, mercury- and lead-free. It has the Singapore Green Label seal of endorsement that assures you that BOYSEN BUG OFF has low VOC and minimal negative impact on the environment.

Once the paint dries and the insect lands on a BOYSEN BUG OFF-painted surface, the microscopic crystals set in the paint film enter the insect’s legs, attack its nervous system, and kills the insect after a while. Its effectiveness in killing common harmful household insects has been attested by the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).

Boysen BUG OFF is formulated with the lowest amount of pyrethroids, an anti-insect compound similar to pyrethrins produced by the flower chrysanthemums to protect themselves from insects. The microcrystals are firmly embedded in the dry paint film so it’s impossible to inhale them. The wet paint is also scientifically proven to be safe by the UPLB laboratories, where it passed dermal tests. Moreover, it has undergone a rigorous certification process and has been approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration.

The paint can be applied on concrete, drywall and properly primed wooden surfaces. Avoid using this paint on high-friction areas or surfaces that get a lot of foot traffic or get touched a lot. These include fixtures (kitchen cabinets, cupboards, shelves and built-in wardrobes) and furniture.

To reap all the benefits of the product, you must refrain from cleaning the painted surfaces within seven days of application. To maximize its effectiveness, avoid using soap and detergents when cleaning the painted surface. Just lightly wipe the surface with a damp soft cloth if the wall gets dirty or dusty. BOYSEN BUG OFF is available at selected depots and hardware stores in Metro Manila (NCR).

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