It’s Time for a True Cooling Meter Solution

Discover how Kamstrup cooling meters can help building owners and design consultants overcome the most critical cooling challenges in commercial buildings.

Cooling Energy Management Challenges

Managing cooling applications in commercial buildings can be complex. Energy consumption, workload efficiency and energy meter lifespan all need to be balanced and optimised. Building managers are often faced with:

  • Low delta T syndrome

It increases water pump energy consumption and decreases overall operational efficiency—the                    most typical technical challenge for chilled water systems.

  • Inadequate automation

Parameters set by the original design consultants are not in sync with day-to-day operational                      needs.

  • Inefficient cooling systems

 Poor operation practices can lead to cooling inefficiencies and reduction in chiller lifespan.

  • Poor data quality

Accurate temperature measurements are essential to efficient cooling operations.

  • Uneven energy distribution

Different parts of buildings can become warmer or cooler than others when cooling energy is                       unevenly distributed.

  • Hardware failures

Condensation is the most common reason for cooling hardware failures.

To optimise efficiency, lower energy costs and improve occupant comfort, it is essential to prevent these problems in commercial buildings.

A True Cooling Meter Solution

Cooling meters from Kamstrup can solve the most critical cooling challenges. All Kamstrup cooling meters and sub-assemblies hold the highest compliance with the EN1434 standard. They deliver the optimal cooling management experience by enhancing energy efficiency; delivering precision and accuracy; and ensuring total reliability.

Enhanced energy efficiency

Kamstrup cooling meters utilise temperature offset and valve control features to beat low delta T syndrome. For example, the Kamstrup PQT controller module with the MULTICAL® platform enables building managers to automate the AHU actuator-driven valve and optimise energy consumption via flow, power and temperature data. Optimisation in energy consumption can be achieved because the PQT controller monitors and enforces the desired delta T.

Operation optimisation

PQT controllers deliver flexible automation features that help building operators achieve optimal system efficiency. Kamstrup MULTICAL® cooling meters come with an innovative temperature offset function to achieve precision in data readings of ± 0.1 K when measuring inlet or outlet temperature. Kamstrup 2-wire sensor solution is a money-saving option, which delivers the same performance at a competitive price compared to the conventional 4-wire sensors in the market.

Lower cost of ownership

BTU meters/thermal energy meters often fail when exposed to condensation, especially in hot and humid environments. Kamstrup provides you with a true cooling meter solution that is condensation-proof as both ULTRAFLOW® 44 and TemperatureSensor 63 & 83 have high resistance to the intrusion of water with a unique IP68 approval. It prolongs the life of the meter solution and reduces the cost of ownership for building owners.

The Ultimate Cooling Platform

A true cooling solution is more than the sum of its parts. With MULTICAL®, Kamstrup’s third-generation thermal energy meter platform, users can enjoy:

  • Lower energy costs

Precise readings ensure that building owners are only paying for the energy they use.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

IP68 protection helps avoid condensation-related failures and maximise the value of a true                           cooling solution throughout its lifespan.

  • Improved occupant comfort

With innovative calculator and sensor technology, building operators can optimise occupant                        comfort as cooling energy is distributed optimally and timely.

The combination of advanced calculator technology, precise temperature/flow meters, modular communication and IP68 protection provides building operators with a flexible solution capable of meeting every challenge head-on.

Learn more about Kamstrup’s cooling solutions.

Explore benefits of a true cooling solution here.

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