Choosing between waterproofing membrane—torch on membrane or liquid applied membrane?

One of the most asked questions by home owners is on the best waterproofing membrane for their properties: “Would it be torch on bitumen membrane or liquid applied membrane?” It has also been a long-time dilemma faced by the professionals such as architects, engineers and building contractors. Each of these membranes has its own benefits, so what are the important aspects that determine its application?

Torch on Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

Torch on bitumen sheet waterproofing membrane is popular among applicators for its strength and more solid membrane base to shield the exterior from dampness and water. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Suitable for different kinds of flat roof materials to protect car park decks, green roofing, deck bridge and others.
  • Great resistance towards various weather conditions.
  • High life expectancy and ideal for flat roofs as it is able to maintain flexibility and elasticity throughout its lifespan.
  • Exceptional bond to the substrate on a flat roof installation.

In most situations, an old bitumen membrane system can be overlaid by a new bitumen sheet to extend its service.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproof membrane comes in liquid form which can be applied by roller, brush or spray. The liquid will take some time to cure and form a solid membrane. After drying off, a flexible membrane is formed, which can protect the screed from water. Learn about the liquid applied waterproofing membrane here.

Other benefits include:

  • seamless application with cold-applied method;
  • diversified application methods, such as using a spray gun to increase the speed and consistency;
  • UV-resistant;
  • high elasticity; and
  • different colour choices depending on the manufacturers.


Both materials are specifically created to prevent water from entering the substrate with respective advantages and disadvantages. While torch on bitumen waterproofing membrane is more durable and sturdier with a longer life span, incorrect application would lead to possible water penetration through gaps.

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