BCI Interior Design Awards (IDA) 2023 is an interior design competition for professionals and consultants in seven countries in Asia. Themed Human-Centred Interiors, IDA 2023 divided the competition into three main categories: Living, Engagement and Enrichment. The cycle’s competition was opened in October 2022 until February 2023.

IDA 2023 has attracted participation from more than 200 projects, with most of the interior projects being submitted coming from Indonesia and Vietnam. Other countries participating in this competition were from Singapore, Hong Kong & China, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The jury panel in IDA 2023 came from different countries: Bee Eu Tan (Malaysia), Francis Surjaseputra (Indonesia), and Wesley Liu (Hong Kong).

Winners are entitled to a total cash prize of SGD18,000, in addition to trophies, certificates and published on Construction+ website, social media and in Construction+ magazine.


Category: LIVING
Winner [SGD5,000]
Hideout Cocoon | Studio WNA | Indonesia

Photo: BCI Central Indonesia

Merit #1 [SGD500] Tree House by the Lake | H.2 | Vietnam

Photo: BCI Central Vietnam

Merit #2 [SGD500] YW House | Kantor Gunawan Gunawan | Indonesia

Photo: BCI Central Indonesia

Winner [SGD5,000] The Wave | H.A Workshop | Vietnam

Photo: BCI Central Vietnam

Merit #1 [SGD500] Antikode Office | Seniman Ruang | Indonesia

Photo: BCI Central Indonesia

Merit #2 [SGD500] Woven Screen Office | Takashi Niwa Architects| Vietnam

Photo: BCI Central Vietnam

Winner [SGD5,000] Honestree | Seniman Ruang | Indonesia

Photo: BCI Central Indonesia

Merit #1 [SGD500] Interstellar | BK Studio | Indonesia

Photo: BCI Central Indonesia

Merit #2 [SGD500] FTU-JAPI Universal House | NH Village for Architectural Design Company Limited | Vietnam

Photo: BCI Central Vietnam


To-be-awarded entrants have already been individually notified via email. Thank you once again for participation in BCI Interior Design Awards 2023. We will be in touch with rest of the entrants on their digital certificate of participation by June 2023.

A well-balanced life is not just about the amount of time one spends at home, at work or at play. It is also one that gives us fulfillment, happiness in all that we pursue. The spaces where we carry out our daily activities should therefore enable and empower us to do so in joyful and meaningful ways.

BCI Interior Design Awards (IDA) 2023 calls for Interior Design projects that showcase well-designed human-centred spaces that empower users to reside, engage and enrich their lives joyfully and meaningfully. The designs should illustrate a deep understanding of the users’ psyche, behaviour, habits and preferences.

To acknowledge ID professionals who have designed with eco-awareness, extra credits will be given for the use of recycled materials with Chain of Custody evidence.

Choose one category from the three for which to submit an Interior Design project:


Projects pertaining to these categories include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Living = single houses; apartments; co-living spaces; dormitories
  • Engagement = offices; industrial spaces; factories; co-working space
  • Enrichment = indoor sports arenas; recreational centres; community centres; libraries; exhibition halls; museums

  • Projects should illustrate a deep understanding of the users’ psyche, behaviour, habits and preferences.
  • Projects must be completed between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022.
  • Only completed projects are allowed; the space should be existing and functional (has not been closed down).
  • Projects must be located in China & Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam.
  • Projects should include supporting spaces where relevant, such as bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, etc., as they play a key role in addressing the task.

IDA 2023 is looking for human-centred designs—those that reflect a deep understanding of users’ psyche, behaviour, habits and preferences. The best designs will be selected based on the following equally-weighted (25 per cent each) criteria, corresponding to the task:

  • AESTHETICS & CREATIVITY: Aesthetically pleasing, functional, creative spatial concepts
  • WELL-BEING & HEALTH: Comfortable, ideal indoor air quality & temperature, well-ventilated, hygienic
  • SUSTAINABILITY & MAINTENANCE: Environmentally sensitive, sustainable, minimal maintenance
  • INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY: Use of technological tools and/or smart ideas to overcome challenges

* Extra credits will be awarded for the use of recycled materials with Chain of Custody evidence.


Bee Eu Tan, the founder of BETA (BEu Tan Architect), is an award-winning architect with over two decades of professional experience in local and international projects. She is highly recognised for her architectural and interior design works in restoring heritage buildings in her native Penang and beyond—having nine awards, including three golds at PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia) Awards under her belt in just the last four years. Bee Eu also founded PechaKucha Penang, a global networking event that originated in Tokyo where architects, designers and artists share ideas. She serves as an academician at her alma mater Universiti Sains Malaysia. Her active engagement in architectural events sees her presence at numerous universities, international conferences and corporate organisations speaking on wide topics. Bee Eu was also an honouree of Tatler Asia’s Most Influential People in Malaysian Architecture & Design for 2022 and 2021.

Francis Surjaseputra is the founder and director of The Design Hub (PT Axon Sembilanpuluh). He was also Chairman of HDII (The Indonesian Society of Interior Designer); Chairman of APSDA (Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance); and is Honorary Member of CIDI (Consejo Iberoamericano de Disenadores de Interiores). He attended Bath College of Higher Education in Art and Design, the UK; and Parsons School of Art and Design, Paris. He has received Indonesian Good Design Awards 2021 and 2012, HDII Awards 2008, APSDA Awards 2013 and 2010 and Unesco/World Craft Council Award 2014. Francis has also participated in Chiang Mai Design Week as a curator; Salone Del Mobile in Milan; KISD International Spatial Design Exhibition in Korea and many more.

With a Master’s degree in Design from College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Wesley Liu worked with a celebrated architectural firm before establishing his design studio, PplusP Designers Limited in 2009. Since then, his works have received numerous accolades, including the Best of Year Award (US); American MasterPrize (US); International Property Awards (UK); Design for Asia Award (HK); Perspective and A&D Trophy Awards (HK); and Asia Pacific Interior Design Award – APIDA (HK). His contributions to the industry in the region earned him the 40under40 Awards (by Perspective magazine in HK) in 2012, then the honour of 10 Most Outstanding Young Persons (by China Official) in 2016. In 2022, Wesley embarked on a PhD programme in Architecture & Urban Design with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia.



  • BCI Interior Design Awards 2023 is open internationally to professionals and/or registered companies only.
  • Each entry should be submitted by a project team, which must comprise certified professional Interior Designers (ID) and their collaborators involved in the creation or production of the project, including but not limited to owners/developers, contractors, consultants, etc.
  • One firm (preferably the ID) must be designated as sole representative in all liaisons with the competition registrar.
  • Projects should be completed between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022.
  • Only completed projects are allowed; the space should be existing and functional (has not been closed down).
  • Projects should be located in China & Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam.


  • None of the competition organisers, their employees and/or family members, are allowed to enter the competition. The assessment committee and jury members, their respective professional practices, employees and/or family members, are also forbidden to enter the competition.
  • BCI employees and/or family members are not allowed to enter the competition. Jury members, their respective professional practices, employees and/or family members, are also forbidden to enter the competition.


  • All participants must accept the rules and regulations of the competition.
  • The participants should not contact the jury under any circumstances.
  • Participants are not allowed to submit their project that is also entered into another similar design competition anywhere before the final winners are announced.
  • Participants will be held accountable for the data they provide to the Organiser. It is the participants’ responsibility to provide true data during registration.
  • The Organiser has the right to verify the identity of the participants and may ask for further identification proof.
  • Participants are solely responsible for materials submitted. Participants must be accountable for the proposals they submit and it should not infringe or violate any third-party intellectual rights, or any laws, contribute to or encourage infringing or otherwise unlawful conduct. By submitting the proposals, participants are representing that they are the owner of such materials and/or have all the necessary rights, licenses and authorisation to distribute it.
  • The Organiser is not responsible for the use of protected images and/or materials by any of the participants.
  • Participants are expected to submit original projects. Copying someone else’s project or using copyrighted images, photos, architectural/art pieces is strictly prohibited and will result in recalling all prizes and removal from the website, social media and publication.
  • The Organiser does not approve, endorse or validate any proposals or awarded entries. The Organiser will not accept any liability for omissions or errors. The Organiser is not responsible for statements or opinions expressed by the participants nor do such statements necessarily represent the views of the Organiser unless stated otherwise. The Organiser disclaims any and all liability, which may be claimed arising out of reliance upon the information presented.


  • All materials submitted to the competition will become part of the Organiser’s files. The Organiser will have the full rights to publish and promote these materials, and make proper mention of the participants who authored the proposals.
  • By submitting a proposal, participants are giving the Organiser the right to use the received materials in both printed and online platforms/publications.
  • The Organiser will also have the right to modify any of the materials submitted in order to better adapt them to the different formats and layouts that the platforms/publications might have.

For each category, 1 winning project and 2 merit projects will be awarded based on the jury’s decision:

  • LIVING: 1 (one) winning project; 2 (two) merit projects
  • ENGAGEMENT: 1 (one) winning project; 2 (two) merit projects
  • ENRICHMENT: 1 (one) winning project; 2 (two) merit projects

Each Winning project team will receive:

  • Cash prize of SGD5,000*
  • One trophy (only 1 trophy will be awarded to each team)
  • Certificates
  • Complimentary subscription to digital Construction Plus magazine via Construction Plus App

Each Merit project will receive:

  • Cash prize of SGD500*
  • Certificates
  • Complimentary subscription to digital Construction Plus magazine via Construction Plus App

  • Awards will be given based on quality of entry, regardless of the country of origin.
  • Awards given will be presented to registrants and are to be shared at the discretion of the stakeholders involved.
  • Winning and merit projects, along with the awarded teams, may be published on Construction Plus website, social media and in Construction Plus magazine.
  • The jury shall have full freedom to decide on the winning and merit projects. The jury decision shall be final and binding on all entrants.
  • The competition registrar reserves the right to not award any prize where the jurors agree that submissions are of insufficient quality.
  • Digital certificates of participation will be sent out to all registrants.
  • Provided that physical events are allowed to take place, awardees will be recognised at BCI Asia Awards (BCIAA)—a gala event that attracts key architecture, building and construction industry players in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam respectively.

* Competition Organiser reserves the right to change the prizes



PANELS [click to download]

  • Entries are to be submitted by following the specified template (5 panels per entry).
  • Maximum file size of all 5 panels to be submitted is 20MB; in A2 size, PDF format.
  • The main presentation of the submission should be based on original photos only; 3D renderings or computer graphics are not allowed. Any inclusion of drawings or diagrams should only be to support project details. Failure to comply with this condition will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Scales that are necessary to comprehend certain drawings (plans, sections, etc.) must be shown as graphic scales next to the drawing.
  • The contents of the panels should be sufficient to impart a clear understanding of the proposal and presented according to the stated evaluation criteria.
  • Any names, countries of residence and/or practice MUST NOT be displayed anywhere on the panels.
  • Panels should be submitted in English; entries submitted in other languages will be disqualified.

FORMS [click to download]

  • Form I: Consent Form
  • Form II: Copyright License
  • Form III: Declaration
  • Form IV: Project Team + Details
  • Form V: Rules & Regulations



  • Video is the format of MP4, MOV or AVI with a compressed size of 10 MB

1. Register for FREE via Construction Plus App that can be installed from Play Store and App Store.

Or scan the QR code below:

2. Submit the materials via:
a. Email to [email protected] as a ZIP attachment; OR
b. WeTransfer link sent to [email protected]


1. Do I have to pay to participate in the competition?
Register for FREE via Construction Plus App by Play Store and App Store

2. Can I submit in person?
Entrants are encouraged to tender all submissions in electronic format online (see Submission Steps), but hard copy submissions sent to local offices may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

3. If the design of the project is a completed one but for a space that no longer exists or has already been closed down, is it still eligible?
It is not eligible for the competition.

4. Can I submit additional materials?
Under no circumstances will the jury consider additional panels, materials or individual images that do not fit into the submission template.

5. Will I be notified about the outcome of the submission?
Only winners and merit recipients (i.e., runners-up) will be notified individually via email. Digital certificates of participation will be sent out to all registrants.

6. Can I submit multiple entries?
Yes, each registered individual or company can submit more than 1 project.

7. How do I find out updates about the competition?
Please check for official updates on Construction Plus website and/or social media channels. This is to ensure all participants have access to the same amount of information. Questions sent via social media channels will not be addressed.

8. How do I contact the Organiser if I have questions?
All questions must be sent to [email protected] to be addressed.



  • Mid-October 2022: Registration & submission start
  • 17 February 2023 (23:59 Singapore time/UTC+8): Registration & submission end
  • End March to April 2023: Results & individual notification
  • May to June 2023: Awards*

*Awards ceremony dates are to be confirmed.
*Competition Organiser reserves the right to change the schedule of the competition.




For any queries, please contact us at [email protected]

Competition Registrar: BCI Interior Design Awards 2023
300 Beach Road
The Concourse
Singapore 199555
Email: [email protected]

BCI Interior Design Awards was launched in 2016 by the BCI Group of Companies to recognise great interior architectural designs that stand out aesthetically, functionally and ergonomically. The competition is a chance to generate awareness towards responsible designs (human, economic, environmental, ethical) and the importance of good design in our society.

The Competition Registrar is BCI Construction Information Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of the BCI Group of Companies. BCI commenced operation in 1998. Together with BCI Australia and BCI New Zealand, BCI Media Group covers the world’s most dynamic construction market. BCI currently has offices in 10 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Vietnam. BCI provides crucial construction information, project leads and a powerful online CRM solution to building product suppliers, contractors and related organisations within the Southeast Asian construction industry. Our dedicated team reports and researches construction projects across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong—within the public and private sectors—from concept design and planning stages to documentation, tender, the awarding of contracts and commencement of construction. Besides providing project leads, BCI also creates marketing opportunities and quality content throughout publications and events. In a nutshell, we lead members towards sales opportunities across Asia and drive construction market transparency.

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