Waterproofing Your Concrete with Chemind Industries

Concrete, commonly used in construction, is a composite material created by mixing binding materials together with aggregate. Unfortunately, no matter how tough this material is, it is still prone to erosion over time. For instance, water will be absorbed by concrete based on the porosity. Water is the main cause behind structural damages, such as algae growth, salt corrosion, cracks and frost damage.

Fortunately, most of the damages can be avoided and reduced drastically by implementing proper concrete waterproofing.

Concrete Waterproofing for Internal Wet Areas

For internal wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets, it is advisable to use cementitious waterproofing as these areas are not exposed to sunlight and intense weathering, and thus expansion and contraction is not likely to happen. Besides, it is the most affordable option among other waterproofing materials.

Concrete Waterproofing for External Areas

For external rooftops which are constantly exposed to extreme weathers and direct sunlight, it is recommended to apply waterproofing that is flexible with UV and weather resistant. Bitumen membrane waterproofing is a common method when it comes to external areas such as roofs, and it comes with two ways of application: torch on and self-adhesive. Additionally, liquid waterproofing membrane has been gaining popularity due to lower cost and easy application.

Concrete Waterproofing for Internal Industrial Areas

For internal industrial areas with high volume of light to heavy traffic, resin waterproofing flooring is widely used. Resin coating is a popular alternative due to its high durability, scratch resistance and appealing glossy appearance.

Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin Flooring System (PMMA)

Advantages of concrete waterproofing include: –

  • reducing water absorption;
  • preventing cracks on concrete surface;
  • longer structural lifespan;
  • preventing moisture and dampness inside buildings; and
  • preventing seepages

Waterproofing Your Concrete with Chemind Brushcrete—Acrylic Reinforced Waterproof Coating

BRUSHCRETE is a two-component acrylic modified cementitious coating that only requires on-site mixing to form the ideal product to waterproof and resurface concrete, masonry and most of the construction materials.

Simply apply with a stiff brush, roller or trowel for a waterproof, flexible and trafficable coating. BRUSHCRETE provides an effective barrier against waterborne salts and atmospheric gases.

  • A 1mm coating provides an anti-carbonation cover equivalent to over 80mm of concrete
  • Waterproof-resists up to 7 Bars (70 metre head of pressure)
  • Non-toxic, ideal for potable water uses
  • Excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Trafficable
  • High resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride
  • Breathable whilst repelling water, allowing substrates to breathe

Reach out to us if you have any questions on waterproofing systems and solutions at [email protected] or contact us directly at 03-8066 4128. We are eager to share our knowledge. Visit to learn more on the various waterproofing systems.

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