Hillside Lodge

Located in Ipoh, Perak, Hillside Lodge is designed to enhance not only the day-to-day life of its occupants but also the built environment.

While this double-storey house is built on a rectangular bungalow land, AVT Architects (Hong Kong) broke away from the traditional space planning by integrating the outdoor non-building zones as an annexe to the indoor space.

For example, the main entrance door is placed at the side of the house, instead of the front. Occupants and visitors have to walk through a landscaped outdoor foyer before entering the house, resulting in an enriched arrival experience. The staircase is located along the western wall, sandwiched between the car porch and the living room, and acts as a heat and sound buffer for the house.

The living room is flanked by operable sliding doors on both sides; when fully opened, they allow cross-ventilation as well as seamless
integration between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The landscaped gardens on both sides of the outdoor areas provide greenery and also double up as privacy screens to define the living room.

Heat build-up in Malaysia is a big issue. In this project, the architect considered passive cooling to the external wall to minimise heat build-up in the house, particularly on the first floor where the bedrooms were located.

Metal panels that clad the external brick wall help avoid direct sun exposure. The metal claddings are air ventilated through the top and bottom slots, thus keeping the indoors relatively cool, both day and night.

In addition, insulated roof panels also play a part in lowering the indoor room temperatures. The use of metal elements for sustainability also result in a bold and contemporary appearance for the house.

Project Name: Hillside Lodge
Location: Buntong 3, Ipoh, Perak
Completion Date: July 2017
Site Area: 338 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 192 square metres
Building Height: 2 storeys
Number of Rooms: 4
Client/Developer: Origin Design Property (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Architecture Firm: Arkitek DCA
Principal Architect: Ar Raini Jaafar, AMP
Design Architect: AVT Architects (Hong Kong)
Civil & Structural Engineer: H.Y. Fong Consult
Main Contractor: Hong Kew Builder Sdn Bhd
Images: AVT Architects (Hong Kong)

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