Designed in the Metaverse: Bungalow Renovation at East Ledang, Johor Bahru

Front façade of the two-storey bungalow

The project team at Afi Architect introduced a novel technological approach in renovating an existing bungalow: they tapped in on the metaverse as a visualisation tool to conceptualise the design through immersive experiences. This enabled the client to fully engage in the virtual environment in a dynamic manner to explore the architectural details, spatial layout, design elements and interior decorations of the bungalow before the commencement of construction work.

Third-person perspective in the metaverse

The interactive nature of this innovative technology facilitated real-time visualisation and modification during the design stage. The client and the project team collaboratively refined the design vision—including layout plans; interior and exterior paint colours; furniture selection—by touring in the virtual model in first- and third-person views. A diverse range of materials, textures and finishes were applied in the model for them to experiment and choose.

The bungalow is renovated with a modern style in harmony with the original design

Creating a project virtually within the metaverse beforehand enabled the project team to develop a precise 3D model that aligned with the existing site context. This brought about efficient materials usage; minimised construction waste; and expedited construction timeline with minimal revisions during the actual construction process.

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Project Name
Bungalow Renovation at East Ledang, Johor Bahru
No.4, Jalan Hang Tuah 1/7, Taman East Ledang, Malaysia
Completion Date
April 2023
Site Area
774 square metres
Gross Floor Area
610.401 square metres
Building Height
2 storeys; 9.5 metres
Number of Rooms
6 bedrooms
Hamidah Binti Talib
Architecture Firm
Afi Architect
Principal Architect
Ar. Ts. Afi Muhaimin Jamalludin
Main Contractor
Hong Pex Engineering Sdn Bhd
Images and video
Ar. Ts. Afi Muhaimin Jamalludin

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