Central Park @ Frontier Industrial Park

The two-acre central park is an iconic feature of the Frontier Industrial Park in Ulu Tiram, Johor. As an inviting green lung, the park welcomes employees and visitors as they enter the industrial park. It helps create a holistic welfare-oriented environment and a place of relaxation for employees of businesses that are located there.

In contrast with the practical, modern straight lines of the surrounding factory buildings, the park is designed with lots of curves. Its front entrance has dissimilar geometrical shapes and a variety of materials, such as stones and bare and painted cement render.

To cater for diverse activities, many different spaces have been created, such as an amphitheatre, plaza, multi-purpose court and pavilions. There are also fitness and sports facilities, such as an outdoor gym, jogging track and basketball court, for employees.

The central park has a naturally sloping terrain, with an incline that is suitable for an outdoor amphitheatre. The amphitheatre features wide seating arrangements to hold at least 800 people. Bucida trees are planted to provide shade, with its leaf spread further complementing the curvature of the cascading seating area. Its scatter root system helps strengthen the soil structure and prevent erosion.

The plaza, with a leaf shape in its centre, is designed for social events and can accommodate at least 200 people. It has a high vantage point with far-reaching views across the amphitheatre.

As the central park is fairly big, security was a priority in its design. Hence, the park is located at a prominent part of the development, with unhindered views, active CCTV surveillance and regular patrolling.

Asphalt is used for the jogging track as it is more resilient to heat expansion compared to concrete. The jogging track is also made wider to allow vehicles to access the amphitheatre or plaza for loading and unloading purposes during scheduled events.

Trees within the plaza were specially chosen to deliver a mix between formal and informal impressions. Garcinia subelliptica (or happiness tree), with its erect form, epitomises the robustness and integrity of the industrial park, while the freeflowing frangipani trees provides intrigue and softness to the area.

Plants surrounding the pavilion and gym include the Calathea lutea and Pennisetum setaceum (or crimson fountaingrass). Both these species provide a ‘natural wall’ for added privacy without compromising security.

Samanea saman (or rain tree) is planted in many areas as they are native to the region and provide natural cover in the day.

The 136-acre award-winning industrial park caters for high-value manufacturers, with its forefront facilities and semi-detached and detached factories. The central park is part of phase two of the development. Frontier also offers fibreoptic broadband, gated-guarded facilities, on-site workers’ dormitory and a more than 100-feet-wide main access.

Project Name: Central Park @ Frontier Industrial Park
Location: Desa Cemerlang, Ulu Tiram, Johor
Completion Date: October 2016
Park Area: 2 acres
Owner/Developer: WB Land Sdn Bhd
Architecture Firm: WKL Design Sdn Bhd
Design-and-Build Landscape Contractor: Highland Landscapes & Nursery Sdn Bhd
Civil & Structural Engineer: WKL Project Consultancy Services
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Kong & Associates Consultants Sdn Bhd

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