Canopy House

Built on Ukay Heights’ steep site, the project’s main feature are the huge rain trees with their foliage spreading out, which are utilised as a sort of canopy shading the habitable spaces. The temperatures at the site are cooler than the city, so the design priority was to take advantage of this cool breeze, hence the house feature a lot of openings. The interiors are shielded from the heat whilst the breeze and views are captured though the carefully arranged apertures. In order to preserve the existing slope with minimum cuts, the structure was designed to perch on the ground or to appear as if it was levitated above it.

The act of descending down the slope became the narrative of the journey. Going through the main entrance of the house at the top of the slope, visitors will find living spaces cascading over four levels. Meanwhile at the road level, the house appears as a driveway that leads to a car porch. The internal spatial planning was created in a linear logical manner as requested by the dwellers, but the roof plan was deliberately designed to create a stark contrast and as such, a distinctive feature.

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Project Name
Canopy House
Ukay Heights, Ampang, Malaysia
Completion Date
9 June 2018
Site Area
1,416.39 square metres
Gross Floor Area
1,054.21 square metres
Building Height
3 storeys
Number of Units
Graham Davidson; Dr Nina
Architecture Firm
MJ Kanny Architect
Principal Architect
Ar Melvyn Kanny
Interior Design Firm
MJ Kanny Architect
Principal Designer
Ar Melvyn Kanny
Civil & Structural Engineer
CYS Jurutera Perunding
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Terra Consult
Landscape Architect
MJ Kanny Architect
Main Contractor
Tan Loong & Sons Construction Sdn Bhd
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