Stonyhurst International School, Penang

Stonyhurst College is one of the oldest boarding schools in the UK with a rich history, valuable artefacts and prestige. The main objective of building a branch in Penang is to create a school that captures the spirit of the tradition while forging a dynamic and progressive learning environment. Therefore, the design brief focuses on encouraging collaboration and creativity among students. 

Located next to the waterfront at Tanjung Pinang, the site offers a unique backdrop for the school. The courtyard and most of the classrooms are designed to face the sea. Three to four classrooms are clustered into a large common area that leads to the central courtyard. The layers create pockets of spaces that encourage group work and gatherings. Passive design features such as natural lighting, orientation and cross-ventilation are the fundamental core of the design. These are coupled with air-conditioning and rain harvesting systems; in the future, there will be sensors, dashboards and photovoltaic systems. The materials are masonry and clear walls with steel and mesh, all selected based on the availability, cost-effectiveness and ease in logistic arrangements.

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Project Name
Stonyhurst International School, Penang
Tanjung Pinang, Penang, Malaysia
Expected Completion
February 2022
Site Area
17,546 square metres
Gross Floor Area
40,745.27 square metres
Building Height
Six storeys; 33.6 metres
Number of classrooms
Government Implementing Agency
Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI), Penang
Lasallian Asia Partnership for International Schools Pte Ltd (LAPIS)
Stonyhurst International School Penang
Justin Durling
Architecture Firm
VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd
Principal Architect
Ng Yiek Seng
Interior Design Firm
MLG Design & Construction Sdn Bhd
Principal Designer
Ronnie Choong
Civil & Structural Engineer
Jurutera Perunding Bersama Sdn Bhd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Project M&E Engineer
Traffic Engineer
Lumbini Traffic Management PLT
Quantity Surveyor
YF Lee Quantity Surveyors
Landscape Architect
Urban Garden Design Sdn Bhd
Management Contractor
Rimbaco Sdn Bhd
Civil Works Subcontractor
Rimbaco Sdn Bhd
Piling & Boring Contractor
Lean Kut Piling & Engineering Sdn Bhd
VERITAS Architects; Stonyhurst International School Penang

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