Seri Mutiara Apartment

Seri Mutiara Apartment in Setia Alam sets out to redefine public perceptions of affordable housing. Designed by T&T Architect, the development proves that contemporary living spaces that are in sync with modern lifestyles yet easy on the pocket are highly possible with careful spatial design, landscaping and facilities.

The six apartment blocks are built to suit the existing platform, which minimised earthworks and disturbances to existing topography. The blocks are staggered in horizontal terrace rows, perpendicular to the main road, for efficient and easy access. All blocks have a north-south orientation, facing away from the sun to reduce heat gain.

Internal spaces are also provided with naturally cross-ventilated corridors, via the tilted block alignment, which induces air movement. To maximise space, symmetrical and practical floor plans are used.

Generous ‘condominium’ facilities are provided in this medium-cost apartment. Each block is planned and designed in pairs, enclosing their own landscaping and facilities—such as playgrounds, futsal courts and badminton courts—which encourage neighbourhood interactions.

At the heart of the development is a clubhouse with an Olympic-size pool and a connecting linear park for safe pedestrian-friendly access.

In adopting a modular precast system, the architects worked closely with the precast contractor to offer customised façades, such as deep window copings that can serve as an air-conditioner ledge. Materials were mainly locally sourced and chosen based on practicality and durability, without compromising aesthetics or quality.

For the ground floor units, the finished floor level is raised to improve the privacy of internal spaces. For the highest floor, a double roof configuration—a metal roof atop a concrete one—is used to provide extra protection from the elements and additional insulation for units below.

The success of this project shows the growing need for more quality living, and that good building design and affordability are not mutually exclusive.

Project Name: Seri Mutiara Apartment
Location: Setia Alam, U13 Shah Alam
Completion Date: April 2016
Site Area: 16.8 acres
Gross Floor Area: 866,000 square feet
Number of Units: 676
Developer: Bandar Setia Alam Sdn Bhd (subsidiary of S P Setia Bhd)
Architecture Firm: T&T Architect Sdn Bhd
Principal Architect: Datuk Ar Kiat Tung
Civil & Structural Engineer: Perunding JPTM Sdn Bhd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Prudenergy Consulting Sdn Bhd
Landscape Architect: Hoda Design
Main Contractor: Setia Precast Sdn Bhd
Images: PWR Sdn Bhd وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد