This is a ‘learning centre that offers curricula and programmes on reading, writing, speaking and performing lessons to young students, designed to improve their communication skills and to help them fulfil the demand of oral syllabuses in school.

With this in mind, the designers made the arrangement of the learning spaces as flexible and as stimulating as possible. Upon the entry, colourful corridors lead the way into different classrooms. Inside, the tones are softer to encourage students to be more focused. There are no doors, solid walls, rectangular tables or whiteboards. Instead, the classrooms are equipped with free-flowing ‘blobs’ on the walls that double up as writing surfaces, semi-circular tables that can be easily reconfigured and mini platform stages.

The school also features a library hub to encourage learning beyond the classroom and a central platform stage with audience seating for the students’ bi-annual performances. The playfully lit platform stage aims to provide a simulation of a real-life setting for presentation and performance. This facility is also equipped with sophisticated audio-visual technology and acoustic wall panels.

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Project Name
Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Road Unit 03-08 to 03-12, Singapore
Completion Date
June 2021
Wonderlit Education Centre Pte Ltd
Gross Floor Area
283 square metres
Interior Design Firm
Principal Designers
Cherin Tan; Priscilla Koh
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
GK Décor Pte Ltd
Marc Tan (Studio Periphery)