SaladStop! CapitaSpring

Furniture and decorative elements were made of upcycled logs

The restaurant is the first net zero dining outlet of SaladStop! Group, a sustainable and environmentally conscious catering chain in Asia. It is situated at CapitaSpring Building in Singapore, which is known for its green credentials, including the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s Green Mark Platinum certification.

The project’s objective is to create an outlet with the least possible environmental impact by using local sustainable design and materials; sourcing homegrown produce; reducing waste; and offering carbon neutral delivery. 

A statement green wall

The renovation took two years to complete with the adoption of sustainable materials. Upcycled logs were turned into tables, shelves and decorative elements in the outlet, while wall tiles were made of recycled plastics. Moreover, a statement green wall is created with plants that are treated with plant-based and biodegradable liquid, allowing it to survive months without watering. 

Project Name
SaladStop! CapitaSpring
CapitaSpring Building, 88 Market Street, Singapore
Completion Date
June 2022
SaladStop! Group
Gross Floor Area
78 square metres
Interior Design Firm
Pomeroy Studio
Design Principal
Prof. Jason Pomeroy
SaladStop! Group

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