Developed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Tcube is a hybridmulti-use space to help various stakeholders in the tourism industry move towards digital transformation. It provides a safe space for collaboration, learning, test and build—bringing like-minded partners together to experiment and innovate.


With innovation becoming an integral part of the office culture, the interior design is aimed to create a dynamic and safe environment where users would be inspired to explore, experiment, share and discover. One major challenge was that the site layout branches out to two dead ends so it was not easy to introduce connectivity that encourages collaboration, while providing spaces that adapt to different users.

Through a partnership with a design thinking firm, research was conducted to understand the culture and goals of the tourism industry players. The result was a layout with highly malleable corridors and common walkways, which can be easily adapted to suit the unique needs. This versatility also makes it easier to test out different prototypes of digital technologies within the space.

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Project Name
Tourism Court, Singapore
Completion Date
March 2021
Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
Gross Floor Area
418 square metres
Experience Design & Project Management
ThinkPlace Singapore
Interior Design Firm
SCA Design (ONG&ONG Group)
Design Team
Benson Wee; Joe Fu Zhuo; Omar Shiddiq Bin Masodi
Brand Engagement Team
Stanley Tan; Emeric Lau; Jacqueline Ong
Branding & Environmental Wayfinding
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
Mactech Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
SCA Design (ONG&ONG Group)