New CPG Subsidiaries’ Office

Floating acoustic ceiling panels of Collab Area

The new office houses three of CPG Corporation’s subsidiaries, namely CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd (CPG FM), CPG Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL) and PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link). 

The wellness-focused interior is expressed through a two-fold approach: a soothing palette of materials and finishes of neutral tones; and a combination of warm lighting, various seating options, lampshades and floor patterns to create a homely ambience. 

Such two-fold approach takes on subtly different forms at the respective subsidiary offices. In the office of PM Link and CPPL, oversized standing lampshades are used to disguise electrical ducts from the ceiling while functional screens serve as privacy separators at the workstation clusters. Feature panels are choreographed with a nature-inspired colour palette and enhanced by timber panelling with different lights. As for the CPG FM office, it is designed to accentuate communal openness and collaboration. For example, the tree-shade elements create an imagery of working under a jungle canopy. 

In other areas such as the FM Integrated Hub (a central facility command centre that manages operations and security), timber and neutral tones form a comfortable working environment.

Project Name
New CPG Subsidiaries’ Office
1 North Coast, North Coast Avenue, Singapore
Completion Date
September 2022
CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd (CPG FM); CPG Construction Professionals Pte Ltd (CPPL); PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link)
Gross Floor Area
10,000 square feet
Interior Design Firm
VIA+ Design Studio
Design Principal
Victor Loh
Number of Rooms
Common collaboration space; FM office; PM Link and CPPL office
Lighting Consultant
Concept by VIA+ Design Studio
Quantity Surveyor
FM services by CPG Facilities Management
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
WK Builders Pte Ltd
CPG FM, CPPL and PM Link

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Construction+ Q4 2022 Issue: Year End (Review & Forecast).
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