AETOS 5G Integrated Command Centre

Single dashboard

Designed to be compact, efficient and tech-driven, the 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC) located within the AETOS’ headquarters implements Singapore’s largest 3D digital twin to enable the aggregation of data and visualisation of island-wide operations via a single dashboard. 

Implementing Singapore’s largest 3D digital twin

Although the centre occupies a large, open area inside the building, there are spatial limitations such as the ceiling height in the installation of a video wall measuring 2.7 by 9.6 metres for the dashboard. It was resolved by shifting infrastructure such as sprinklers and cable trays to provide an unimpeded view.

As the centre was converted from an existing area in AETOS’ premises, no additional building materials were required aside from the equipment and furnishing. It was designed to be ergonomic to support long working shifts. Customised chairs produced by a local firm are provided for ICC’s operators for better lumbar support, promoting a healthier and more comfortable work environment.

Sustainability-related metrics

Project Name
AETOS 5G Integrated Command Centre
AETOS Complex, 5 Corporation Drive, Singapore
Completion Date
December 2021
Site Area
8,430 square metres
Gross Floor Area
275 square metres
Building Height
Single floor
AETOS Holdings
Architecture Firm; Civil & Structural Engineer; MEP Engineer
Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd
Quantity Surveyor
Threesixty Cost Management Pte Ltd
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
Kwong Hui Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd

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Construction+ Q4 2022 Issue: Year End (Review & Forecast).
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