W KL Hotel & The Residences

Located in the Golden Triangle district—commercial, shopping and entertainment hub—of Kuala Lumpur, with the famed Petronas Towers and Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) at the northwest, the W KL Hotel & The Residences project is a mixed-use tower situated on a 5,192-square-metre site.

The residential component includes approximately 354 apartment units, ranging from one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments, a rooftop amenity with swimming pool, a four-level below-grade parking deck and a ground floor entry lobby. The hotel component consists of a ground floor entry lobby, above-grade parking deck, sky lobby with restaurant and lounge spaces, conference centre, grand ballroom with pre-function and support spaces, amenity level with spa and outdoor swimming pool, and nine levels of hotel rooms with an additional level of large suites with terraces.

There are three main entrances—for the residences, hotel and ballroom—in this development, all located along an interior site road that connects to the ground level. The hotel drop-off is located on the frontage of Jalan Ampang, marked by a large canopy designed to accommodate taxis and buses. The residential drop-off is located along the east side, adjacent to the entrance of the below-grade parking garage. At the opposite end of the hotel ground floor lobby is the ballroom’s drop-off area, which was designed to accommodate a large number of vehicles during events. The entrance of the above-grade parking deck is adjacent to the ballroom drop-off, which will be used by the valets to serve hotel and ballroom patrons. The loading dock and service areas are located at the east of the site at ground level.

The hotel’s sky lobby is accessible from ground level via shuttle elevators. It features signature restaurants, bars, lounges and support spaces, which are adjacent to setback terraces decorated with lush landscaping. The shuttle elevators also serve the ballroom and pre-function spaces, conference centre, restaurants, pool and spa level, as well as all above-grade parking levels. Passenger elevators at the sky lobby provide hotel guests with access to hotel rooms and all amenity levels.

The residential units are accessible via designated elevators at the residential ground level lobby. Apartments with one to three bedrooms occupy the majority of floors, with only a level of four-bedroom penthouse apartments on the top level. All residential amenities—such as gymnasium, multipurpose recreation room and open-air swimming pool—are located at the top of the building. The swimming pool is located at the south, providing unobstructed views of the Petronas Towers. The exterior façade will provide shading, allowing all-day use of the swimming pool facility.

Situated among buildings that are lighter in colour and tone, the development’s darker tower stands out from the surrounding context, establishing itself as a distinctive structure on Kuala Lumpur’s skyline. The wall panelling designs, floor finishes, soft furnishing designs and articulation of the exterior and interior design language adopts the concept of confluence narrative, which was inspired by the confluence of the historical Sungai Klang and Sungai Gombak rivers.

The project is constructed with reinforced concrete, while the building’s envelope is a custom unitised curtain wall specified to achieve high building standards and project a distinctive image. Both the podium and tower envelope will consist of aluminium mullions, glass units and anodised aluminium panels procured overseas.

The building’s façade unifies multiple programme types and scales into a single architectural expression. The façade of the residential units is scaled to the height of two levels and organised in a staggered pattern. This design allows the wall to adapt to multiple unit layouts, while maintaining a consistent and ordered appearance from the outside. The size of the glass openings is set at a comfortable residential proportion, allowing for expansive views of the surrounding environment. The façade of the hotel units is scaled to the height of three floor levels, providing a vertical and distinctive quality, while still maintaining the character of the overall building. The glass is setback at the amenity floors to provide exterior colonnade spaces for landscaping and exterior habitable spaces.

The parking garage is clad in custom perforated metal panels that were carved into the W Hotel’s logo. These panels will be lit from behind to illuminate the building’s podium. The perforated panels provide privacy for the parking area, while allowing for ventilation. The pattern also creates W Hotel’s signage at street level.

Backlit channel glass cladding is applied on top of the entry lobbies to activate the façade along the street. The lobby entrances use customised glass storefront systems to maintain transparency. Channel glass is also used for the ballroom pre-function area, ballroom service area.

Project Name: W KL Hotel & The Residences
Location: Lot 148, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Status: Under construction
Expected Completion Date: 1 December 2017
Site Area: 0.52 hectares
Gross Floor Area: 62,525.17 square metres
Number of Rooms/Units: 150 guestrooms; 353 serviced apartments
Building Height: 274.23 metres
Client/Owner: Tropicana Residences Sdn Bhd
Design Consultant/Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Architecture Firm: VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd
Principal Architect: Ar Lillian Tay
Lighting Consultant: TDLD Australia
Green Building Consultant: G Energy (M) Sdn Bhd
Landscape Architect: Pentago Landscape
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: NDY (M) Sdn Bhd
Civil & Structural Engineer: T.Y. Lin International Sdn Bhd
Quantity Surveyor: Baharuddin, Ali & Low Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: MCC Overseas (M) Sdn Bhd
Interior Design Firm: Blu Water Studio Sdn Bhd
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: DDS Contracts & Interior Solutions Sdn Bhd
Images/Photos: VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd; Nicholas Graham + Associates Pty Ltd; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP; Blu Water Studio Sdn Bhd
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