Volvo trucks

Volvo Trucks is one of the world’s largest trucks manufacturers, offering FM,FMX and FH truck models in various specifications for power, performance, fuel economy, safety and reliability, for use across a wide range of industries—from construction and logistics to mining and forestry.

As part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Trucks Malaysia, which began operations in 1969, provides complete transport solutions for customers who are looking to boost profitability and reduce operational costs, while maintaining safety as a key priority. Customer sales and after-market support for services and parts are provided via a network of 13 dealerships in strategic locations across Malaysia.

The group’s core values of safety, quality and environmental care are continuously reflected in all aspects of its product innovations and customer care.

High standards for quality are upheld in the entire development chain, from design, engineering, manufacturing, product testing, to the services, parts and people who support the customers.

Safety is a significant part of the Volvo DNA. The three-point seatbelt was launched as a standard feature in the trucks in 1959—a humble invention that is the most important safety feature in all vehicles globally.

Volvo Trucks believe in sustainable transport solutions as the future in safeguarding the environment.

Projects such as platooning, electro mobility and alternative fuels underpin the group’s long-term environmental strategy and shows how Volvo Trucks will contribute to sustainable development over the next decade and beyond. To date, Volvo has reduced the emissions of air pollutant from trucks by up to 90 per cent and decreased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 40 per cent.

Since 2013, Volvo Trucks has been a recipient of awards from the New Straits Times’ annual Truck of The Year event. In 2015, the FM series won the NST Petronas Urania Prime Mover of the Year in the three-axle category.