Tribeca Residence

Tribeca Residence comprises two towers located at Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. Apart from its 318 units of residential studios, suites and lofts, there are also three commercial levels designed for offices and retail shops, and five ‘Sky Pods’ spread out throughout the towers.

Designed by VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd, Tribeca was conceptualised to introduce a Green residential tower in the city centre, with several sustainable design initiatives.

The use of Green walls, for example, helps to soften the building’s exterior, as well as reduces the urban heat island effect for a more comfortable environment.

The tower blocks are arranged into two stacks with different heights (37 and 32 storeys) to create the maximum stack effect for natural ventilation and lighting.

The five ‘Sky Pods’—Fitness Pod, Social Pod, Business Pod, Jungle Pod and Zen Pod—offer a variety of recreational, business and childcare facilities. The concept of these distinctive breakout spaces was created for maximum natural ventilation within the towers.

At the external ground area fronting Jalan Imbi, there is a pedestrian-friendly square for public access to the retail, ground and top three floors of the podium.

Most of the materials used in Tribeca are overseas brands that are locally made to the quality and aesthetics requirements. This has increased the cost efficiency of the construction.

One of the project’s main constraints was its very tight site—excluding the area for the road access, there was only a net area of 0.21 hectares left for development. Meeting the carpark requirements was also a challenge; this was overcome by using mechanical parking.

Project Name:Tribeca Residence
Location: Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
Expected Completion: October 2017
Site Area: 0.291 hectares
Gross Floor Area: 32,000 square metres
Building Height: 150 metres
Number of units: 318
Client/Owner: Bakti Dinamik Sdn Bhd(subsidiary of AP Land)
Architecture Firm: VERITAS Architects Sdn Bhd
Principal Architect: Zainal F. Abdul Aziz
Interior Design Firm: Pavilion Projects Sdn Bhd
Civil & Structural Engineer: Dr CC Wong Jurutera Perunding
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Norman Disney and Young Sdn Bhd
Quantity Surveyor: Perunding Kos T & K Sdn Bhd
Lighting Consultant: The Lightbox Pte Ltd
Interior Lighting Consultant: Lightwave Lighting Design Sdn Bhd
Landscape Architect: Pentago Landscape Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: Kerjaya Prospek Sdn Bhd
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Pavilion Projects Sdn Bhd
Images: AP Land