Transforming buildings into high-performing assets

Buildings need to evolve to ensure that they are not only comfortable, safe and secure, but also efficient and resilient for a sustainable future. Every building starts at a different point on the sustainability journey, which means facing a distinctive set of operational challenges and opportunities.

Challenges impacting building operation and maintenance

The pressure to improve a building’s performance has never been greater. Building owners and operators face increased regulatory requirements, tighter budgets from rising operating costs, staffing issues and a shrinking skilled workforce. In addition, many buildings have aging equipment or assets, and are managed using different systems across multiple facilities, which exacerbate maintenance inefficiency.

Today, 55 per cent of maintenance is reactive, resulting in costly repairs, downtime and disruptions, affecting productivity and profitability. Digitalisation enables automation, increases data quality and transparency, and improves the ability to apply advanced technology for more efficient building operations.

Leading the smart building revolution

Digitalisation transforms a traditional building, where services are typically reactive and performed on-site only, to a smart building, where diagnostics and services are conducted remotely. Smart buildings learn from real-time inputs and adapt to occupants’ needs by increasing comfort, efficiency, resiliency and safety.

A properly executed, data-driven digital service programme can increase the ability to identify and resolve issues earlier, further reducing risks and downtime, increasing the life of the systems, and enabling even greater efficiencies and savings. By leveraging the power of digital technology and data, building owners or facility managers can make better-informed decisions.

Delivering building performance like no other

Siemens understands that every building has unique challenges and goals; every smart building journey is different. Its integrated approach to building services provides insights that help clients make informed decisions to achieve financial and operational goals on their smart building journey.

Innovative approach and comprehensive portfolio to keep buildings operating at peak performance

From planning a tailored high-value service programme aligned with a client’s unique goals, optimising existing technologies to using data to improve operations and maintenance, Siemens can help clients achieve measurable results with data-driven reporting and transparency. Covering building automation; fire safety; mechanical, electrical and energy metrics; security; and e-mobility, its set of building performance and sustainability services includes the following.
Energy & Sustainability Services: to help clients reduce energy costs and drive sustainability
Asset Maintenance Services: to enhance performance of clients’ assets
Monitoring, Reporting & Event Resolution: to create data transparency and address events effectively
Scalable Managed Services: to supplement clients’ workforce while leveraging Siemens’ resources and expertise

Choosing the right technology partner

The company’s suite of holistic on-site and remote building services is delivered by a global network of knowledgeable experts in its Digital Service Centers and local branches. Through streamlined workflows and proven processes, the team leverages the most advanced digital technologies such as Smart Building IoT platforms, digital tools, and applications, including Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to consistently achieve world-class delivery of its building services.

It is important that buildings remain fit for purpose in the years to come, while managing resources and costs more effectively. As a focused technology company, Siemens is shaping an ecosystem that connects the real world with the digital world to help customers overcome today’s great challenges. The company believes that, together with its customers, they can create technology to transform the everyday, for a better tomorrow.

Speak with Siemens’ experts today and transform your building into a high-performing asset.

Email [email protected] or visit to know more.


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