Summit Park@Sepang

Established on 450 acres of land 30 kilometres away from downtown Kuala Lumpur, the new township, Southville City, is home to 5,000 households. The satellite city can house a population of up to 40,000 with 85 acres (over 20 per cent) of the development dedicated to parkland. Summit Park@Sepang is the community public space that doubles up as a green sanctuary within the new township. Nestled adjacent to the commercial area and residential neighbourhood, the mountainous landform creates an iconic identity and a prominent green core to the development, preserving the natural environment.


The concept is configured through the ‘summit’ forms and texture. Plants with coniferous canopy forms were selected to reinforce the mountainous forest character. The landscape elements were inspired by the native leaf forms, the root structures, the rocky terrain and the river profile.

Formerly a palm oil estate, the site could be considered a wasteland due to its barren appearance and poor soil—which was identified as acidic and below the optimal planting requirement—comprising mostly hard soil material and rocks. The planting approach and species selection were consulted with a certified arborist. The objective was to rehabilitate the poor soil quality through a landscape treatment. First, the steep terrain area was fortified with a block wall that also functions as planters, which were filled with forest tree species that will grow and strengthen the engineered slope. Then, the rocky slope surface with poor soil conditions was treated with legume plants that will generate biomass and organic compost. Acacia mangium, a fast-growing tropical leguminous tree, was planted along the buffer zone for reforestation purposes.

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Project Name
Summit Park@Sepang
Taman Puncak@Sepang, Southville City, Malaysia
Completion Date
February 2020
Site Area
9.62 acres
Southville City Sdn Bhd (Mahsing Group Bhd)
Consultant Firm
Landart Design Sdn Bhd
Lead Consultants
Phua Chin Eng; Khairi Zailan; Kenneth Shim; Peter Chua; Umi Syairah; Raymond Ling
Civil & Structural Engineer
SNA Consult Sdn Bhd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
PAC & Rakan-Rakan Sdn Bhd
KHSiew Architect Sdn Bhd
Landscape Contractor
Imarah Construction Sdn Bhd
Mahsing Group Bhd; Khairi Zailan; Kenneth Shim

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