Sia Boey Rejuvenation (Phase 2)

Sia Boey is an archaeological park sitting on a heritage conservation site in George Town, Penang that used to house a water basin and a police barrack. The rejuvenation project aims to raise awareness about water management and preservation, and to foster the communities’ appreciation of the town’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Being the only green patch within the cityscape, the park aims to contribute to the ecology through filtering water and air, moderating local microclimate, managing storm water and reducing urban heat island effect. Aside from improving the Prangin Canal’s water flow, the designers also covered the area above the canal with slabs to create a spacious walkway for visitors entering the park from First Avenue Mall.

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Project Name
Sia Boey Rejuvenation (Phase 2)
George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Completion Date
June 2019
Site Area
10,200 square metres
Gross Floor Area
756 square metres
Building Height
1 storey
Number of Units
Penang Development Corporation (PDC)
Architecture Firm
BYG Architecture Sdn Bhd
Principal Architect
Michael Ong Chin Keong
Civil & Structural Engineer
Perunding YAA Sdn Bhd
MEP Engineer
GH TAG Consultancy
Quantity Surveyor
SG Contract Services
Landscape Architect
Green Acres Studio Sdn Bhd
Landscape Design Director
Mohd Khairul Anwar Ahmad
Main Contractor
Yuan Seng Building Trading Sdn Bhd
Penang Development Corporation (PDC)

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