Innovative And Contemporary Roof Solutions

Most modern houses have a low pitch roof design, commonly known as flat roof, and is regarded as contemporary, stylish and minimalistic. The new Monier Horizon 8 roof system offers the complete solution for this model, delivering the lowest pitch level in the market at only 8 degrees. This means that roof shapes for houses can be more flexible and go lower or flatter. Concrete roof tiles for modern house are aesthetically pleasing and are known for their durability, high heat reflectivity and excellent noise reduction quality. All these attributes ensure that occupants enjoy a more comfortable and environmentally friendly space.

Contemporary style
The Monier Horizon 8 roof tiles are modern and highly functional. This roof system offers numerous designs at a competitive price. There are three colours to choose from: black, brown and grey. To complement the different types of roof designs, the angular fitting series includes Angular Ridge, Angular Ridge End, Verge, Monoridge and Monoridge End. High-quality surface material is used to maintain the colour stability and consistency even after an extended period of time.

The roof system is durable and leakproof. The concrete gets harder and stronger over time by absorbing carbon dioxide, and hence has an increased lifespan. The roof tiles are able to prevent fungal and algal growth on the surface and are not easily damaged.

Noise reduction
The natural properties of concrete tiles deliver outstanding acoustic performance for a quiet indoor environment. The mass of the tile body and the batten system absorb sound waves, providing excellent noise insulation.

Superior heat reflection
Monier Horizon 8 roof system reflects heat and has high residual heat dissipation to ensure a cooler and more comfortable indoor environment. The surface materials of the roof tiles come with a passive heat removal design that releases excess heat through self-ventilation.

About the company
Malaysian homeowners have trusted Monier’s roofs for over 50 years. It is also one of the world’s leaders in total roofing solution. The brand is used widely in many countries including Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Every product undergoes extensive and stringent tests for extreme weather conditions conducted by roof physics engineers and scientists in its laboratories in Germany. Certified components are used in the roofing system, which include specialty underlay, dry fixings, counter profile and other accessories. Monier’s complete roof system is available at all major cities and towns in Malaysia. The company was awarded the BrandLaureate Special Edition World Award 2015 for the best roof system. For more information, please visit

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