D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre

Similar to the heritage belief of the Thai traditional masked dance of Khon, the design of the D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre does not depend on written texts, but on carefully scripted actions. KANN, the largest computer graphics (CG) and live cinematic theatre of its kind in Asia, incorporates both modern and traditional design execution.

The goal of the design was to bridge activities in the theatre, which have emerged as cultural forms in isolation from one another. As performativity and creative expression are essential aspects of the human experience, exploring the phenomenological states involved in acting would help the audience to understand the overall aspects behind the enactment impulse through design. From the architectural concept of ‘levitation’ to continuing space circulation ‘magic illusions’ towards ‘flow’ for landscape work, the team of designers translated and complemented Thai culture and its history into the language of space.

The interior design of the arts centre plays a large part before, during and after the show. It used an original long-forgotten prelude of masked dance Paleng, whereby a ritual dance is performed before the actual act would begin. The characters and scenes depict Thai society and court life in the old days.

The design concept of magic illusions used layers of combination of authentic Thai craft material and colour palette. A simple curtain is placed toward the back of the stage, where there is a painted scene of a mountain, forest and battlefields—the main themes for most of the performances.

Achieving a Green design was also of top priority to the designers from JARKEN, who followed the LEED guidelines for interior fit-out.

Mostly local materials were sourced for this project. Textured black stone wall covering and dynamic interior façade and ceiling were used to create a tunnel of flow inside the cinematic theatre. The main theatre architectural embellishments were designed to complement the live show and full CG effects. The seats and stage are covered underneath with dark-toned and soundproof materials.

The ticket office and souvenir shop were designed under the illusions and magical concepts of Thai literature as portrayed by the actual performance of the show content, which was designed to emulate the effect of mystery and folk tale. Reflected on the semi-mirrored random-patterned flooring and curved hidden light ceiling, this gap is meant to act as a river or an ocean, leading the audience into the theatre.

The lobby is the most dramatic part of the 4,000-square-metre space, which includes a restaurant, rest area and themed souvenir shop. The area around the souvenir shop is embraced by pillars of LED screens and illusion sculptures. The separate ticket hall features curvaceous shapes of high-ceiling library decor, overscaled random sculptures of books and mystical approach of shelving interplay with mirror effect.

Project Name: D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre
Location: Pattaya, Thailand
Completion Date: 18 May 2017
Site Area: 4,000 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 5,500 square metres
Building Height: 23 metres
Client/Owner/Developer: Panjaluck Pasook Company Limited
Interior Design Firm: JARKEN
Principal Designers: Sasivimol Sinthawanarong; Attapon Wiboonyanon
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: JARKEN
Images: Tanakorn Juiwong