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The villa floats like a raft

The high-end floating villa aims to conserve natural resources with minimal human interference. It is built with a balloon frame—wood is used as the main material punctuated by steel for a lightweight but solid structure. The colours of the villa were chosen to mimic freshwater fish. Inside, the concept alludes to the interiors of a submarine where the space is mixed with organic and mechanic elements, such as the entrance halls that look like a submarine door. The space flows continuously, both internally and externally, on interconnected plane platforms that make the villa float like a raft.

 The exterior form was inspired by a male and a female fish swimming together in the dam with two polygon volumes built in different sizes and tones according to the nature of the fish—males are generally smaller and brighter while females are larger and darker.

Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.
The firm was established by Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram in 2004 with its previous name Dersyn Ltd. Inspired by the words ‘design’ and ‘synchronisation’, Dersyn alludes to the above-expectation design outcomes of the firm. As a result of business expansion, the firm was renamed as Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd in 2011. With local and international experiences, its qualified staff and the principal architect provide services of master planning, architectural design and interior design.

Project Name
Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Completion Date
December 2021
Aquasa Plathu Co., Ltd.
Gross Floor Area
253 square metres
Interior Design Firm
Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.
Principal Designer
Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram
Number of Units
2 units
Lighting Consultant
Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor
Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd.
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
TEN D.C. Co., Ltd.
Weerapon Singnoi

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