BCI Interior Design Awards 2023 is now open!

A well-balanced life is not just about the amount of time one spends at home, at work or at play. It is also one that gives us fulfillment, happiness in all that we pursue. The spaces where we carry out our daily activities should therefore enable and empower us to do so in joyful and meaningful ways.

BCI Interior Design Awards (IDA) 2023 calls for Interior Design projects that showcase well-designed human-centred spaces that empower users to reside, engage and enrich their lives joyfully and meaningfully. The designs should illustrate a deep understanding of the users’ psyche, behaviour, habits and preferences.

Open to Professionals.

To acknowledge ID professionals who have designed with eco-awareness, extra credits will be given for the use of recycled materials with Chain of Custody evidence.


Choose one category from the three for which to submit an Interior Design project:


Projects pertaining to these categories include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Living = single houses; apartments; co-living spaces; dormitories
  • Engagement = offices; industrial spaces; factories; co-working space
  • Enrichment = indoor sports arenas; recreational centres; community centres; libraries; exhibition halls; museums

For each category, 1 winning project and 2 merit projects will be awarded based on the jury’s decision:

Each Winning project team will receive:

  • Cash prize of SGD5,000*
  • One trophy (only 1 trophy will be awarded to each team)
  • Certificates
  • Complimentary subscription to digital Construction Plus magazine via Construction Plus App

Each Merit project team will receive:

  • Cash prize of SGD500*
  • Certificates
  • Complimentary subscription to digital Construction Plus magazine via Construction Plus App

* Competition Organiser reserves the right to change the prizes.

Click here to read more details! Register is now open for FREE via Construction Plus App only—download now on Play Store or App Store!

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