SkillsFuture Rest & Learn

Blue fibre optic lights at the first level lead people to the staircase entrance

The average working adult’s schedule is often too hectic and tiring for them to engage in further learning for self-improvement, especially if classes are located far away from them.

Hence, SkillsFuture Rest & Learn parasitic design is proposed. Located between residential buildings for the convenience of working adults, especially during the weekends, this design can be replicated in different areas with its Lego-like structure.

This space aims to inspire and encourage people to take actions for their dreams through an unconventional learning process within its four levels—Level 1 (Just Start), Level 2 (Own Yourself), Level 3 (Sharing is Caring), and Level 4 (Take a Break).

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Student Name: Adora Lin Shiyun
School: Temasek Polytechnic
Programme: Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design
Supervisor/Instructor: Matthias Low
Project Name: SkillsFuture Rest & Learn
Project Year: 2017
Location: Pasir Ris–Tampines, Park Connector between HDB Block 121 & 122, Singapore
Building Height: 4 storeys وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد