Out of Sight

Changi International Airport is designed to present the best of Singapore to the transient traveller. But how does it cater for those who work there, behind the scenes, day in and day out?

From site observations and interviews, generally most airport staff are advised not to rest at places that are visible to the public and to refrain from resting in large groups. As most of them deal with the public for long hours every day, it is important for them to get some physical rest as well as some privacy.

This student project, Out of Sight, gives a second thought to the needs of airport workers and to provide them new means to pause, rest and refresh. The project is a rest stop sited within Changi Airport Terminal 3, between the escalator and lift that leads to the MRT/Terminal 2. Based on site observation, this area does not have a lot of foot traffic, and this project will add more interest to the ‘dead spot’.

The design strategy is to disguise the rest stop as a display of a variety of rectangular blocks. Inside the rest stop pod, the blocks can be pushed and pulled for different functions, creating benches, beds and coffee bars, so that airport staff can lie down, eat or chit-chat. The interior is lined with with artificial grass carpet. Timber was chosen to lend some warmth to the space, which has existing stone flooring and full-height glass curtain.

Some blocks are light boxes, while others have openings so those inside can look out. The material for the functional light blocks is molded-to-shape acrylic, with dimmable LED light within, whereas the functional ones are molded-to-shape acrylic light boxes.

The movement of the blocks changes the outward form of the pod, creating a dynamic display for unwitting outsiders. The exterior of the blocks are stained in two colours, so from one direction, the public will see different shades of red, while from the other direction, they will see different shades of blue. Those moving up and down the escalators will not be able to see the staff resting inside; they can only see the underside profile. — Construction+ Online


Student Name: Emillia Lee
School: Singapore Polytechnic Design School
Programme: Interior Design Studio
Lecturer: Sharmila Kanagalingam
Project Name: Out of Sight
Project Year: 2016/2017
Location: Airport Terminals, Singapore
Images: Singapore Polytechnic Design School وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد