The design brief for this student project was to design a special senior citizen corner for the elderly to come together.

Through interviews, it was found that the elderly do not go to the existing corners due to the lack of facilities and activities, as well as poor ergonomics. The survey results also showed that the elderly enjoy cooking and gardening and that coffee shop chairs are most comfortable for them.

With advancing age, the elderly often lose their independence and freedom of choice. This affects their self-esteem and confidence levels, thus, preventing them from aging gracefully.

Kit-Park is designed as a space that allows the elderly to come together to connect, gather and learn together independently.

Using techniques of push, pull and turning, the furniture and fittings in Kit-Park will be elderly friendly, such as anti-slip outdoor tiles. There will be a kitchen and garden area, as well as a learning area, with comfortable and flexible seats that are easy to construct and maintain.

The site chosen for Kit-Park is at the Tampines Changkat district, which is near a market for convenience and a small park with pavilions for enjoyment. The corner is located at an area where the entrance to the park is less steep.

The space is laid out in a circular pattern to allow the elderly to either face each other when doing activities together or to face nature. A viewing gallery with void decks, not unlike a movie theatre, opens up to a view of surrounding trees.

The main materials—such as bricks, black powdered coated stainless steel, marine plywood with fire-proof laminate, and green walls—will be locally sourced. Ample use of wood and greenery helps create a natural ambience.

Student Name: Janice Chu
School: Temasek Polytechnic
Lecturer: Matthias Low
Project Name: Kit-Park
Location: Block 113, Tampines Street 11, Tampines Changkat District, Singapore
Images: Temasek Polytechnic وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد