Waa Cow! Change Alley Mall

The food and beverage space underwent a renovation for an updated look to showcase an eccentric and fun vibe aligned with the brand. The design direction was to create a sense of celebration in the name of good food, which reflects the brand values.

Located in Singapore’s Central Business District where high traffic flow is anticipated, Waa Cow! is expected to have a mix of customers ranging from the working crowd to young adults. The renovation outcome is a fun and energetic spot for happy hour, post-work drinks and, of course, busy lunch breaks.

The biggest challenge of the project was the odd-shaped layout of the space. To overcome this, a feature bar counter was built in the centre of the restaurant, which stands out prominently. It also creates a sense of segregation that inspired the spatial planning within the restaurant. A huge pillar rising to the roof in the bar area was seen as a design feature and integrated into the bar counter. It divided the bar into two zones: one facing outward to the street and the other facing the interior. Drinks can be served on both sides.

The bar counter is accentuated by hanging displays and lighting features with a collage of colours and textures, which mimics confetti sprinkling over the stand-alone bar. The laminates enveloping the bar were carefully designed and cut out piece by piece to create a jigsaw puzzle pattern without any in-between inlays.

Bold brand colours were applied throughout the space with neon slogans to emphasise the vibrancy of the brand. Together with the bar counter as the centrepiece, one may instinctively know that Waa Cow! is more than just a lunch destination—this is also a place for celebrations and for patrons to enjoy a good time.


Project Name
Waa Cow! Change Alley Mall
30 Raffles Place, Singapore
Completion Date      
September 2020
Waa Cow!
Gross Floor Area         
103 square metres
Interior Design Firm       
Lighting Consultant        
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer      
InDegrated Interior
Interior Fit-Out Contractor     
InDegrated Interior
Studio Periphery