CM International Holdings Office

The Singapore office for CM International Holdings—a China-based investment firm—is the front office for their international investments. Given the contract requirements imposed by the client, Studio XMSL was both the design and the fit-out contractor for this project.

The design concept was for an office that is corporate and cosmopolitan in its outlook. It should also subtly embody traditional Chinese values of vitality, nature and harmony. The approach was centred upon a clean line and contemporary aesthetic. The emphasis was placed on natural materials, overall balance and composition, and above all, the inclusion of real-life green walls throughout the design.

The project’s location avails itself of the panoramic views of Marina Bay. As such, the conference room and private offices take the external facing perimeter of the floor plan. Given the beautiful views of the city and bayfront, we kept the interior material palette to a restrained and nature-centred combination of whites, pale greys, whitewashed walnut veneers and luscious green walls. The green walls distributed throughout the floor plan are also representative of the verdant greenery throughout Singapore.

Given the corporate intention to showcase and front themselves in Singapore to an international audience, the materials and furniture selected were from a well-respected list of European and American suppliers.

The project had to have living green walls. This was not only the client’s strong preference but also the designer’s insistence. Water supply and sufficient natural illumination for healthy plant growth were constraining factors.

To address the issue of natural illumination, green walls were provided with timer activated indoor ‘grow’ lights that turn on when the staff leave work and switch off when normal office hours resume. These light fittings provide the plants with the
correct type of illumination for photosynthesis.

While the water supply was easily pulled and installed by the green wall systems supplier, the supply and drainage of the water were heavily scrutinised and checked by the building management. Given the Super Grade A office building status of the site, the building management required three different failsafe systems to be installed to ensure that leaking does not occur.

Project Name: CM International Holdings Office
Location: Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore
Completion Date: February 2016
Client/Owner/Developer: CM International Holdings
Gross Floor Area: 400 square metres
Interior Design Firm: Studio XMSL Pte Ltd
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Studio XMSL Pte Ltd
Images: Studio XMSL Pte Ltd وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد