Radiating Happiness

Located at the façade of Ampang Train Station, Radiating Happiness is an exhibition space with a goal to slow down commuters’ pace, so that they can be more relaxed and appreciate the finer things in life. The installation is an intervention to the existing space erected as a tent-like structure placed strategically in the middle of the busy walkway. This is a social architecture project to invite people to stop for a drink and perhaps interact with other passers-by.

The structure is anchored with metallic poles. The floor is made from soft recycled wooden pallets that covers the existing hard floor of the station walkway. This temporary flooring is then covered with a durable finish, so that it can withstand the outdoor temperature. The roofing and overhanging shapes are made from water-resistant canvas fabric straightened up by stainless-steel cables.


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Project Name
Radiating Happiness
Student Name
Aaron Chew
Raffles College of Higher Education, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
BA (HONS) in Interior Architecture and Design
Jason Toh
Project Name
Radiating Happiness
Project Year
August 2019
Ampang Train Station
Site Area
302 square metres
Gross Floor Area
144 square metres
Building Height
6 metres
Aaron Chew