Book Velvet: Community Library

Sectional perspective

The project creates a shelter for the marginalised community in Chow Kit, including undocumented foreigners and stateless children, among others. Besides providing the community with a sense of belonging, educational resources and employment opportunities, the study space also serves as a knowledge portal that could be used by most Chow Kit residents. 

The four-storey building houses an indoor and outdoor library; staff quarters; rooftop garden; café; nursery; innovation centre; auditorium; solitary reading area; study or meeting room; gallery; plaza; bookstore; communal kitchen and lounge area; etc. 


Concrete and wood are incorporated to highlight the building’s organic shape while Low-E double glazed curtain wall is utilised for the majority of the façade to increase the permeability of the community library, drawing pedestrians’ attention to the place.

Project Name
Book Velvet – Community Library
Jalan Sri Amar, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Site Area
2,400 square metres
Gross Floor Area
2,000 square metres
Building Height
4 storeys; 1 basement
Shermaine Ang Si Yuan
School of Architecture, Building and Design, Taylor’s University
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture
Ar. Emmanuel Canlas
Shermaine Ang Si Yuan

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Construction+ Q1 2023 Issue: Housing Construction: Demand & Supply.
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