Corporate Retreat Centre

The front entrance of the centre

The retreat centre serves to increase workforce motivation of a corporation after the pandemic. The primary programme of the project is a series of training facilities with accommodation for 50 individuals, together with sub-programmes such as promotion spaces, wellness areas, ancillary facilities and an outdoor activity area. The layout is segmented into distinct zones for various purposes with architectural elements and visual cues for orientation. The centre is also open to local people and tourists to encourage public interaction.

The project adopts the use of biomorphic forms in its architecture—specifically seashells—to reflect the corporate branding and as an attempt to connect with the riverside location.

The courtyard

Nestled in the centre of the ground floor is an open courtyard, designed as a gathering space with landscaping, water features, greenery and seating. It also acts as a light well that enables ample daylight to penetrate from the roof to the interior, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting to promote energy savings. Moreover, cooling is expected to take place via a stack effect—allowing warm air to rise and escape through the high-level openings while cool air is drawn from the lower openings. This aids in natural ventilation, further reducing the use of mechanical methods. Several technological approaches have also been applied to enhance the centre’s functionality, sustainability and user experience.

An exploded diagram of the centre

Project Name
Corporate Retreat Centre
Melaka, Malaysia
Project Year
Site Area
4,100 square metres
Gross Floor Area
2,500 square metres
Building Height
4 storeys
Number of Rooms
Over 10
Shell (an oil & gas company)
Aisyah Binti Mohd Anuar
Universiti Putra Malaysia
Bachelor Science Architecture with Honours
Aisyah Mdnuar

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