Bay windows have been carefully designed and placed for panoramic views of the scenery

If one were to approach this residential project in Matsumoto from the side facing the road, one would not have thought it was a house. Its monolithic appearance, coupled with a dark-coloured windowless exterior, gives it a distinctive, discrete presence.

On the other side facing the landscape, however, is where one would see the light, quite literally. The windows are carefully designed and positioned such that their varied sizes, depths, heights, finishes and shapes present a diverse sequence of scenes, whether the viewer is sitting or standing.

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Project Name: M4
Location: Matsumoto-city, Nagano, Japan
Completion Date: December 2017
Site Area: 469.92 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 283.84 square metres
Architecture Firm: CUBO design architect
Architects: Hitoshi Saruta; Tomonori Takauchi; Masanori Kanetani
Images: Koichi Torimura (photography)