INTERIORS Regional Interiors

Ippudo Vietnam

Merit, F&B Category | BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2020

The building is a result of a renovation project to convert a two-storey steel structure into a semi-outdoor space. The existing surroundings present an opportunity to create an eventful dining space. Greenery and wooden latticework are used as screens for privacy while allowing for a view. Being the first restaurant of its kind and located in an emerging housing development, Ippudo Vietnam doubles up as a social space for its patrons.


The site at District 7 is an emerging residential area among the rapidly developed and often monotonous high-rise buildings. The designers observed that people’s social needs are often neglected and that most people feel out of place within this development. Ipuddo Vietnam, therefore, aims to provide a communal space.

Alleys are an important part of the local communities, referred to as hem in the native language. Ideally, buildings are designed to connect directly to its hem, which often becomes a social space where activities and interaction take place. Vietnam families and local communities often have meals together in hem.

This is the main theme of the design approach. The idea is to connect the interior with the exterior by using latticework and glass walls. With the semi-outdoor dining space, guests can enjoy different views. This is coupled with a multi-layered landscape of overlapping green screens and exposed brick planters.

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Project Name
Ippudo Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Completion Date
March 2019
Site Area
640 square metres
Gross Floor Area
840 square metres
Building Height
2 storeys
Pizza 4PS Corporation
Architecture Firm
Takashi Niwa Architects
Principal Designer
Takashi Niwa
Main Contractor
Toan Dinh Company
Hiroyuki Oki

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