Hagi Omakase

The site is located at an upmarket suburb of Kuala Lumpur and was originally an old ground floor shop lot. The whole floor was stripped and the designers gave a new breath of life to the existing structure. Inspired by the concept of autumn moonlight and the delicate autumn flower called Hagi, the old shop lot was turned into a restaurant with a minimalist contemporary design.


A slate wall with a bronze signage greets visitors at the entrance. Stepping in, they go through a passage featuring a grey wall with bronze floral sculptures inspired by Hagi petals. Hanging along the passage are cascading bronze pendant lights in a harmonious curved form. Through this, the designers wanted to create a calming transition from the busy street outside to the quiet, zen-like main dining area, which is tucked right at the back.

Different dining experiences are created through the design of various nooks, from family seats to private dining rooms. An asymmetrical omakase bar counter with wooden wall and ceiling forms a visual focal point. Throughout the dining area, a combination of organic curves and lines—integrated with layered mood lightings and natural materials such as grey slates, black and white marbles, ash timbers and bronze fittings—conveying a minimal yet rich tapestry of textures.

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Project Name
Hagi Omakase
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Completion Date
January 2020
Hagi Japanese
Gross Floor Area
126 square metres
Interior Design Firm
MIL Design & Construction
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
MIL Design & Construction
MIL Design & Construction