Dr Wu’s Residence

This residence for a family of four has a clean-cut, modern Scandinavian design with an emphasis on warm simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Practicality was the main concept of the design, as shown by the sufficient storage and cabinets that require minimum maintenance.

The colour concept was influenced by the functionality of the space and lighting ambience required by the residents’ activities. The design team created a layer of dark to light gradient from the lower ground floor to second floor, hence the lower ground floor has a warm, leisure ambience upon entrance. Neutral earth tones were used on the ground, first and second floors to lighten up the spaces, while vivid décor was used to create a sense of liveliness and playfulness.

A layer of day curtain and light-coloured paint were used for the living room, where a full height glass panel allows for maximum daylight penetration throughout the common area. The wall panel in the dining area was made from solid wood panels of various length and height. They were painted in vibrant grey and turquoise colours, which transformed the dining wall into a canvas representing the distinctive character of the residence.

Upon the client’s request for the use of natural materials, the dry kitchen island and wall-mounted study table were made from Jomeco oak solid wood, adding a natural touch to the reading and dining areas. The television console in the living room was fabricated with black-coloured glass to allow it to merge with the background when it is switched off.

One of the constraints faced in this project was working around an existing beam and column, while maintaining the ceiling height as high as possible for a clean-cut design. The designer devised a square arch with wood veneer and black-coloured glass to decorate the beam and column. This created a welcoming ambience in the dining room and separated the living and dining areas.

Project Name: Dr Wu’s Residence
Location: Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Completion Date: April 2015
Gross Floor Area: 573 square metres
Number of Rooms: Common area: 1 living room + 1 dining room; kitchen: 1 wet kitchen + 1 dry kitchen; bedroom: 3 bedrooms + 1 audio-visual room/guest bedroom; bathrooms: 5 bathrooms; others: 1 music room + 1 study area + 1 workspace + 1 utility room
Client/Owner Dr Wu
Interior Design Firm: Turn Design Interior
Lighting Consultant: Turn Design Interior
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: TDI Industry
Images/Photos: Jason Chan N.L
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