Chris Chan’s Residence

The project brief for this residence aimed to create an aesthetically pleasing, modern chic design in accordance with the client’s preferences, while using mainstream sustainable materials in an innovative way.

The low-maintenance materials that were used included plaster ceiling and truss steel structure for the ceiling; as well as tiles for flooring. Green jasper marble was selected for the television wall panel to enhance artistic ambience in the living room, with the dark and dense tones of the marble contrasting with the light palette. Exposed trusses are the main highlights in the large double-height space, adding a suave industrial vibe. The living room also features gold globe pendant lights and the use of glass to allow natural light into the interiors. Vertical blinds were used for patio doors and large windows to provide convenience and versatility.

A classic style table was polished in a silvery grey colour, which contrasts with the contemporary blue dining chairs in the dining area. The blue furnishings also complement the dark grey and black glossy surfaces. The ceiling has black-painted groove lines with different distances from one another and is paired with a grey mirror façade, which creates a visually elongated space. A wooden box was added to cover the upstairs landing area, which gives the place a warm, simple yet modern element.

The minimalist style bed was custom-made with a wood headboard and glowing yellow ambient lights as backdrop. Paired with edgy and geometric style lights, a faux animal skin rug and a black leather armchair provide an eccentric ambience in the spacious bedroom. Texture gradient paint with three tones from black to white was used for the wall to create a smooth and metallic surface. There is also a walk-in wardrobe with reachable open shelves and warm lighting effects.

Project Name: Chris Chan’s Residence
Location: Lake Fields (Dale), Taman Tasik Damai, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Completion Date: May 2015
Gross Floor Area: 279 square metres
Number of Rooms: Common area: 1 living room + 1 dining room; kitchen: 1 wet kitchen + 1 dry kitchen; 4 bedrooms; 7 bathrooms; others: 1 laundry + 1 study area + 1 utility room
Client/Owner: Chris Chan
Interior Design Firm: Turn Design Interior
Lighting Consultant: Turn Design Interior
Images/Photos: Jason Chan
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