Butcher By The Bay

The project brief was to explore the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As a response, I researched into the exploration of future food production and consumption and came across the novel biotechnology of “lab-grown meat”. This new technology produces meat without hurting animals, through an ethical and environmental friendly process and can be cost-effective at the same time.

While the technology is not “new,” there has been patent licensing since 1998 on commercial distribution for consumption of lab-grown meat. The patent license lasted for 20 years and ended in the year 2018. As such, technology companies in Silicon Valley and around the globe are starting to produce and test the production, with investors from technology moguls such as Bill Gates.

The proposed solution is as such: a lab-grown meat production plant embedded within a public park or adjacent to a wet market, where visitors and passers-by can learn about the scientific process and understand how the source of clean and environmentally responsible for the food they are eating is produced. Visitors can travel along a “blood vessel” route within the production facility and enjoy a gastro experience along the way.

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Principal Designer: Kenji Tang
Project Name: Butcher By The Bay
Location: Kowloon City Park
Status of Construction: Concept Stage
Site Area: 7,500 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 12,500 square metres
Building Height: 4 storeys (1 storey above ground, 3 storeys below ground)
Client/Owner/Developer: Public – Private Partnership