Reconnecting Blue + Green

AR/VR to enliven the promenade from Ocean Park to Sham Wan

The project embodies a vision to leverage the transit-oriented development in the Wong Chuk Hang neighbourhood. The design prioritises pedestrian movement with sustainability, culture, technology, and liveability. It revitalises a historical and particular resource, the Staunton Creek Nullah, into a critical open space for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Creek concept

The project comprises four major interventions: cleaning the canal and extending the promenade experience underground between Ocean Park and Sham Wan; regenerating the community through new commercial and open space programmes that are age-friendly; redesigning the paths through the neighbourhood so that they are accessible and connected; and revitalising the city using augmented and virtual reality tools to reveal the cultural significance of Wong Chuk Hang.

As sustainability becomes a vital part of the vision, the project integrates three primary eco-energy strategies: clean and renewable energy (tidal, wind, solar, kinetic) that would be generated from key design features along the creek and pedestrian bridge network; more green coverage through a renovated waterfront and additional planting to support permeability and stormwater management; and vertical community farm opportunities, which could be realised at crucial nodes and parks throughout Wong Chuk Hang.

Project Name
Reconnecting Blue + Green
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Site Area
500,000 square metres
Han TU; Xiang LI (Yenny); Yuan YANG; Shannon Hasenfratz; Sze Leuk CHAN (Charlie)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MIT IAP 2022 Beyond Smart Cities
Professor Kent Larson (MIT Media Lab City Science Group); Dr. Michael Lin (MIT Media Lab City Science Group); Assistant Professor Sunnie S.Y. Lau (MIT HK Innovation Node)
Han TU; Xiang LI; Yuan YANG

This is an excerpt. The original article is published in Construction+ Q3 2022 Issue: Urban Development.
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