About Us

Construction+ presents extensive, in-depth B2B insights and updates from the industry, for the industry. From leading projects and key professionals to cutting-edge building technologies and important events, we highlight the country’s most significant architectural, construction and design companies, and their contributions to the local construction landscape. Through BCI Asia’s vast network of industry contacts, we are able to go deep and wide to extract and find out stories, projects, news and more.

Published quarterly, Construction+ reports on local industry happenings, projects and people in a design-savvy yet affordable medium. We seek to bring readers insightful, relevant and useful stories that are presented in a high-quality and well-designed platform.

We want to help you to build your brand and your business. Our huge network and subscriber base are one of the strongest in Hong Kong, which will ensure your branding campaigns reach your target audience. Our wide-ranging content and special features will grab the interest of both readers and clients. Your campaigns in Construction+ will be featured in both our print and digital editions, and will remain active online to guarantee maximum visibility to potential clients.