Island of A Thousand Islands

Site problems

The Southern District of Hong Kong has been a hub of fishing activities in the past century, but it is experiencing several setbacks in recent years, such as poor maintenance of old facilities and a fading aquaculture industry in the city. The shift towards high-density urban development has also disregarded the environmental, social and economic potential of the existing site.

Islands of different designs

By distributing a system of co-designed islands, this project aims to bridge the gap between the Southern District and its water heritage to materialise a new land-sea eco-social connectivity. It also seeks to address the disconnection between the land and the sea, particularly the lack of mobility; the lack of interaction between residents and fishermen; and the neglected cultural assets.

Project Name
Island of A Thousand Islands
Southern District, Hong Kong
Zekun Fan; Tamar Ofer; Yuechen Cui; Jin Zhang; Qingyang He; Mo Chen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); The University of Hong Kong; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; The Chinese University of Hong Kong
MIT IAP 2022 Beyond Smart Cities
Professor Kent Larson (MIT Media Lab City Science Group); Dr. Michael Lin (MIT Media Lab City Science Group); Assistant Professor Sunnie S.Y. Lau (MIT HK Innovation Node)
Zekun Fan; Tamar Ofer; Yuechen Cui; Jin Zhang; Qingyang He; Mo Chen

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