Brii Biosciences’ Global R&D Center

Yiming LI: An ultimate practice of healthy spaces — Brii Biosciences’ Global R&D center

What is a fine architectural space? “A fine architectural space must be evaluated from two different aspects: visual perception and user experience. Expending more effort to create a good visual perception is the pursuit of most designers. As a result, good user experiences are often ignored.” Considered by LI Yiming, the chief designer of this project.

Health, being composed of three progressive levels which are namely environmental health, physical wellness, and mental well-being, is one of the most important indexes to evaluate whether space has a good user experience.

Brii Biosciences’ global R&D center project is located in Beijing. The brief called for a new visual identity for the company’s workspaces, drawn from both their own background in medical and health care, as well as the corporate social responsibility.

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Project names

Brii Biosciences’ Global R&D Center
Haidian District, Beijing
Completion Date
June 2019
Gross Floor Area
3,240 square metres
Principal Architect
LI Yiming
Design Team
LI Yiming, SHI Chaofei, ZHANG Shuang,  WANG Haishen, MU Yu
Brii Biosciences
WELL System Counselor
George Lin
SHI Yunfeng