Shenzhen King’s Kindergarten

Timber and concrete are the main materials adopted throughout the space

Over a study commissioned by the Hong Kong Government in 2016 to prepare a guideline for future public playgrounds, the project team has validated several common beliefs. They found that most children would establish friendships easily at playgrounds and prefer play elements that are made from natural materials over synthetic ones. Besides, they enjoy nature through elements like sunlight, shadow, wind and rain. To respond to these needs, this kindergarten has been designed as a learning place, a social platform as well as a playground.  

Situated within a park in Shenzhen, China, the school is surrounded by nature and filled with ample sunlight. Instead of synthetic materials in vivid colours that are commonly used in children-related facilities, timber and concrete are the main materials adopted. The spatial atmosphere created not only improves children’s well-being, but also helps them gain a sense of respect for nature and the school.

Light and shadow playing on plain walls, changing throughout the day, can enliven the space naturally—walls on the first floor are white while those on the second to fourth floor take on the colours of timber and concrete. In addition, metallic and reflective materials like mirror steel and satin aluminium 

Project Name
Shenzhen King’s Kindergarten
No.7 Jintian North Fifth Street, Futian, Shenzhen, China
Completion Date
December 2020
Gross Floor Area
Approx. 5,000 square metres
Number of Rooms
13 classrooms; 10 multi-functional rooms
Jinsheng Education Group
Interior Design Firm
Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.
Principal Designers
Manfred Yuen; Fiona Bao; CY Lau; Liang Xiao; Chang Shihua
Lighting Consultant
Liu Jian De
Arch-Exist; Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.; Zeng Tianpei

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