Huda Restaurant

Siheyuan is to Beijing as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and the pyramids are to Egypt. It is a unique urban symbol formed by a certain architectural form which continues to this day. Nowadays diverse formats are flourishing in Siheyuan, for example: Huda Restaurant.

Huda Restaurant invited designer WU Wei to preside over the renovation of a Siheyuan in the core area of Beijing. In this case, WU Wei combined the traditional Siheyuan with the contemporary spirit of space and the demands of new formats. He created a story-like and entertaining dining venues with innovative thinking.

As the traditional culture carrier of Beijing, Siheyuan represents the inheritance of city context under the changes of times. The enclosed courtyard is spacious. And the four-sided houses are both independent and connected by verandas. The designer restored the classical veranda and courtyard space in order to reproduce the sense of ritual system in Chinese classical culture and make the restaurant’s interior more dimensional.

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Project Name

Huda Restaurant
Guijie Beijing
Completion Date
March 2019
Site Area
760 square metres
Beijing INX DESIGN Co., Ltd
Authorized Person
Jecy Huang
Design team
LIU Chenyang, JIA Qifeng, YING Zheguang
SHI Yunfeng