Let’s Build Smarter with 3M Construction Portfolio

As an architect, contractor, or installer, extreme weather, strict guidelines, and tight deadlines are your challenges – 3M understands what you’re up against and has the material science expertise to create solutions that address your building challenges.

Environmental and Technical challenges

Extreme heat, loss of energy due to leakage, moisture penetration, and high wind load are some of the design challenges that will impact the way you design your building. 3M can help with:

Air Barrier: UV-resistant materials based on 3M acrylic adhesive technology that can be applied in a wide range of temperatures, allowing compatibility with a range of construction materials and easy installation.

Insulation Moisture Barrier: Products that protect from weathering, fungi and UV exposure – and excel across a wide temperature range backed by 3M acrylic adhesive technology, allowing faster, simpler installation, with no specialised tools or training.

Fire Barrier: Proven and tested products that resist the spread of fire for up to 4 hours, be it cellulosic, hydrocarbon or even Jet-fire.  Designed to protect the building for a very long time, fire barriers can be installed easily and deliver the best protection and productivity.

3M VHB Solutions for Construction

From bonding exterior panels on high-profile buildings to bonding glass panels into windows, architects trust 3M™ VHB™ Tapes to permanently adhere one substrate to another while distributing the stress load across the entire length of the bond.

How 3M can help!

Today, building and architectural specifications are becoming more rigorous and complex due to past experiences as well as new development in technology.  Here is how 3M, with over 40 years of experience in giving our customers more freedom in design, can help you build smarter:


3M™ Air and Vapor Barrier 3015NP

A film membrane that is impermeable to air, moisture, water and vapour. It is a high-tack, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It reduces air leakage and uncontrolled airflow from the building envelope, prevents moisture ingress and helps improve indoor air quality.

  • Air, vapour and water barrier for new and remedial commercial construction
  • Installed on exterior wall sheathing and behind exterior cladding
  • Transition building envelope from one substrate to another, or other openings and penetrations

3M™ Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ 

A fire-rated duct wrap consisting of an inorganic fiber blanket encapsulated with a scrim-reinforced foil that is wrapping and slumping resistant. This non-asbestos wrap installs easily due to its high flexibility, low weight and thin profile.

  • Fire protection of HVAC and ventilation air ducts
  • Lightweight and thin, for ease of installation
    and space saving
  • Allows custom installation applications with multiple layers where needed

3M™ VHB™ Tape GPH-160GF

High performance double-sided pressure sensitive acrylic foam tapes used in the fabrication of architectural panel systems, including aluminum composite material (ACM) panels and plate metal panels (aluminum and stainless steel).

  • Fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding method provides high strength and long-term durability
  • Excellent high temperature (short term 450°F) resistance allows for stiffeners to be attached prior to powder coating or liquid painting processes

Don’t be held back by extreme environmental conditions, tough deadlines, and project complexities.

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