Upcoming Government-led Initiatives to Boost Built Environment Sector

A view of the city; image by Siraphol Siricharattakul/Vecteezy

The continued efforts under the refreshed Built Environment Industry Transformation Map (BE ITM) are aimed at boosting three key areas—Integrated Planning and Design (IPD); Advanced Manufacturing and Assembly (AMA); and Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS)—towards a more productive, digitalised and sustainable sector.

The latest initiatives set to be implemented by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) cover the Contractors Registration System (CRS); Energy Efficiency Grant (EEG); and Productivity Innovation Project (PIP) scheme.

To begin with, the scope of CRS will be expanded to a nation-wide registry, entailing all firms hiring foreign construction workers to register solely under this gateway. To this end, the CRS entry requirements will be raised to ensure registered firms have the minimum financial capability and experience to sustain operations and deliver projects. Further details will be announced later this year.

A new EEG for the construction industry, which will co-fund the cost of adopting energy-efficient construction equipment, is projected to launch by the end of this year. Meanwhile, the application period for the PIP scheme, which supports investments in automation and related technologies, will be extended until 31 March 2025. —Construction+ Online

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Source: Building and Construction Authority وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد