All renovation works to resume from 15 June onwards

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced on 13 June 2020, that they will allow new home residential renovation works as well as new and suspended renovation works for non-residential premises to begin.

More than 19,000 suspended home renovation projects have been approved to resume work. All other types of renovation work can submit applications to start work from 15 June 2020.

To restart suspended residential renovation works, companies who employ workers holding work permit and S-pass should submit applications to BCA at on behalf of their workers.

Aside from renovation works, BCA has also approved more than 300 construction projects to continue. For safety purposes, BCA is working closely with construction firms on another 250 projects to help them meet the COVID-Safe Restart requirements. This is necessary to prevent another COVID-19 outbreak among construction workers, who accounted for most of the COVID-19 cases in Singapore.

Once approved, construction workers residing in private residential properties and HDB premises can resume work. Workers residing in dormitories (purpose-built dorms, factory converted dorms, or construction temporary quarters) will only be allowed to work after the dormitories have been cleared. All construction workers with work permit or S-pass will need to undergo regular COVID-19 testing even after they start work later on.

– Construction+ Online

Source: Building and Construction Authority