Safe rest days for dormitory residents in Phase Two

18 June 2020

The Ministry of Manpower and the Inter-Agency Task Force (ITF) have been progressively clearing migrant workers of COVID-19 infections. Up to 75,000 workers are now in cleared premises. Dormitory operators, employers and workers are working with the ITF to put in place measures to allow the workers to leave the dormitories for work in a safe way.

In the immediate period entering into Phase Two of reopening the economy, migrant workers will continue to stay within their dormitories on their rest days. This preventive measure was taken because a wave of new infections will set back the hard work of the many stakeholders and the workers themselves in clearing the dormitories over the past months.

When the infection rates in both the community and dormitories are sustained at lower levels for a longer period of time, workers in cleared dormitories and blocks will have opportunity to leave the dormitories to run personal errands at approved locations.

In the meantime, workers will be able to access communal facilities within the dormitories, with safe distancing measures in place. Employers must continue to provide food and daily necessities to their employees in dormitories.

— Construction+ Online

Source: Ministry of Manpower